I have worked in the mental health field for the last 12 + years, which is where I saw the need for increased sexual education and sexual trauma support. I have a masters degree in Health Psychology. I am passionate about assisting and supporting sexual assault survivors and those without access to comprehensive sex education. As a queer black woman, I see the world through the lens of marginalization. And am aware of the lack of support for those that are similar to my identity, as well as other marginalized identities. My empathy for these populations has pushed me to continue building safe spaces for clientele, providing education opportunities, helping people to find their voices and their footing oftentimes in a space that is not built for them. As well as supporting folks in different forms of healing and transformation. I currently work as an independent comprehensive sex educator for grades K - 12,  a sexpert for Kinkly, podcast host and a consultant for TV and Film production, bringing a healthy perspective on sex and surviving trauma to every viewer. My goal is to help you get the support and tools that you do not already have. To help you find your voice and to help you reconnect and heal.







I'm an AASECT certified sex therapist and licensed clinical social worker, licensed in Oregon and previously in Wisconsin. My emphasis is clinical work with sexual assault survivors, fringe sexual populations and marginalized folks; primarily sex workers, dancers, kinky folks and non-monogamous individuals and groups. For those outside of Oregon, I provide consulting and coaching from a sex positive, collaborative, intersectional lens. My goal is to create opportunities for every person to find wholeness, healing, integration and pleasure within, and meaningful well suited connections with others. While I am a cis white female, I am keenly aware of the way in which my gender, race and education has given me power and privilege, and work to acknowledge that while creating equity whenever possible. I'm direct and bossy, and the best ally you will ever have.


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I am a first generation Mexican-American woman raised on Wichita, Kansa, Sioux, Osage Land (SE Kansas). Currently, I reside on Peoria, Odawa, Anishinabewaki land (SE Michigan) and  am a recent graduate of Michigan State University's Advertising Management program. My passion for this work comes from lived experience as a bisexual non-black person of color, survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and a sexual assault survivor (SAS) maneuvering through this world. As a child of immigrant parents I have experienced the world in a distinct way and have seen the constant violence toward migrant communities firsthand. I was able to receive a private Catholic education until college. I was surrounded by rich white families ready and eager to wield institutional power. The level of hypocrisy I saw and religious trauma I experienced in this time made me someone who avidly fights against the oppressive structures [they] uphold. I actively use the access and resources I have been afforded by my parents’ ability to maneuver through these systems. My internal fire fuels my desire to create and be of service to liberation. I fully acknowledge my proximity to whiteness and the responsibility that comes along with that- so I am actively involved in decolonization and anti-racism work. I believe a certain amount of creativity is required to imagine a world free of oppressive systems. I am a painter, writer, and avid reader that enjoys yoga and music.