Are you looking for

expert one-on-one coaching,

consulting for your organization, or presenter for an event?

We provide a unique, grounded and direct perspective as individuals who are survivors, allies, and community members ourselves. We seek to provide a voice in areas of historical marginalization, oppression, and shame; shining a light where there is only darkness. We can provide coaching, consulting, or training on the following topics: 

  • Sexual Assault: Individual trauma, partner or community response, organizational healing

  • Sex worker rights, maximizing health and well-being 

  • Diverse Sexual Expression, Kink/ BDSM: structuring dynamics, managing violations and creating organizations firmly rooted in intersectional awareness consent culture 

  • Non-Monogamy: Relationship structures, managing conflict and community development

  • Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Class, Ability, and other identity related factors which impact individual and organizational functioning