Frequently Asked Questions


Are you qualified to hold space for me?

Yes, Angie and Jimanekia have over 20 years combined support of survivors and individuals in the adult industry.  They both have had years of training and schooling in mental health, public health and social justice. They are both sex-positive and sex educators as well.

Will this be a safe space?

Yes, we will vet each person before they are invited to join. We then will lock the group so that no others can enter after the first session. Once we create a  specific community container there will be no disruptions. Confidentiality is also one of our key values; all group members and facilitators will be held to total confidentiality of group members identities and information. 

Can I join this group from anywhere?

Yes, the best part about having a virtual support group is that you can join us from anywhere. We ceated this space to be accessible to any and everyone regardless of physical, psychological, or geographic barriers.

Is this group free?

 We want this group to be accessible to everyone.

But, there will be a small fee to keep maintaining the space and to support the facilitators. Please let us know if cost is prohibitive. If you pre-pay we, unfortunately, can't refund any unused portion of the group fees but we can discuss other support options if a one on one session might be a good alternative. 

Do I need a computer?

No, we will be holding the groups through zoom. So you can also access it on a phone, computer, ipad etc.

Who is welcome to join? 

Currently all three groups are open to all self-identified femme individuals of all backgrounds. The sex worker group is open to femmes of any sex work/ dance/ entertainment background current or historical. We can serve Masc individuals in one on one sessions, with the hope of opening groups for these identities in the future. 

What's the difference between these groups and therapy? 

We are not providing therapy, and we don't want to. Why is that? We find that the therapeutic framework limits the potential for everyone to get the creative and innovative support they need, in the most accessible way possible. While Angie is a therapist, within the context of the groups we are working as coaches or consultants, sharing space and facilitating conversation to create learning and healing across all levels. Participants from every walk of life, every continent, can have access. The equitable group format is magical because everyone's wisdom, experience and process is open for others to glean and add on to. We highly encourage group members to be in therapy and receiving the individual support that they need, particularly around acute mental health, suicidal ideation, or trauma. And even though we're not therapy, we value the importance of confidentiality and will maintain, and ask that group members maintain, the confidentiality of all participants. Unlike therapy, you also have the choice to remain anonymous.