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We really value you and your perspective to help us improve the work we do. Please fill out the questions below. Your answers are anonymous, but if you would like to have some follow up from us related to any concerns or challenges, please include your email. 

How was your overall group experience?
Did you feel safe to be present and sometimes share in group?
Did you feel the facilitators were knowledgeable and skilled in holding space and providing resourcing?

Descriptive info about your experience will help us next time! If you can, feel free to share anything about what went well, what was helpful, what was challenging or scary, or what you took away from group. In particular, if you said you didn't feel safe, what can we do differently to change that?

If you're comfortable, we would love your review of this group. This will be used anonymously in marketing for future groups.

Last but not least. What group were you in?

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