Sexual Harassment

Training Course

Sexual harassment training at the organizational level must do more than manage liability, prevent legal action or meet compliance standards. From a broader perspective, this training provides an opportunity to improve company morale, enhance the safety and well-being of staff and consumers, and provide reparative healing moments for survivors of all identities, at every level. Most femme folks have experienced some, if not many, episodes of sexual harassment or assault in their lives. This is exponentially true for queer, trans and gender non-conforming folks, BIPOC folks, and those in adult industry spaces. Understanding the impact of systemic oppression, and the ways in which companies and groups perpetuate these patterns, is key to long term sustainability in human capital organizations. We can help your organization become a sanctuary for healing by rewriting experiences of workplace culture, which will enhance productivity and well-being at every level. Join us for a transformative training experience.


Staff Module 

We’ve created a flexible and adaptable staff curriculum which meets your staff where they are at, while still providing necessary tools to ensure integrated learning long term. 

Topics/ Activities covered include: 

  • Introduction: How does it benefit me to understand this information? I don’t harass anyone, do I? 

    • Gaining self awareness of subtle impact of actions and words, and the importance of this work for every person.

  • What is harassment and when does it often arise?

    • conflict/ relationship dynamics

    • differential power dynamics

    • romantic or sexual interest

  • Exploration of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and racism, and the ways these beliefs and bias’ show up in harassment.  

    • Including case examples and bias exploration exercises 

  • What is trauma?

    • Systemic trauma and identity specific harassment- it’s impact and manifestation in work and relationships at work 

    • How to respond to it and engage with survivors effectively 

    • Tools for survivors to navigate workforce conflict after/ during activation of further trauma 

  •  Experiential role play/ interactive games to explore new ways of engaging with colleagues, consumers and management 

  • The specifics of an anti-harassment policy including protocol for reporting and addressing suspected harassment. 


Management Module 

  • An in depth training for managers to understand and navigate trauma as an organization, what it means to be trauma informed and create a safer work environment for survivors of systemic oppression and trauma. 

  • Support in creating organizational policies, transformative justice practices, and spaces for healing within the organization.

  • Concrete tools for engagement with consumers from a trauma informed and intersectional perspective, ensuring safer spaces for every person you engage with.

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