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Co-founded by Jimanekia Eborn & Angie Gunn in 2019, Healing Intersections aims to provide support & supplementary care outside of the traditional therapy framework for s*x workers & survivors of s*xual assault. Folks from anywhere in the world can our services as long as they have an internet connection & a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Our offerings include web courses, support groups, s*xual harassment training & consulting services, all lovingly tailored to the communities we serve.  We create community, space & support for s*x workers and s*exual assault survivors, with a special emphasis on care for those with marginalized identities. We work from an intersectional, trauma-informed lens, always. 

In the upcoming months we are aiming to raise enough funds so that all of our available support groups will be funded for 2021! If we reach our goal of $30,000 every support group slot for one full year will be covered. That way our clients can use their personal funds for housing, living expenses & complementary care.

Each groups costs $25 per person, and most groups include up to 10 people. One group series costs $1,750 and we plan to hold 18 series in 2021.

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